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We book discovery calls and demos so you can focus on selling. 

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Established in 2019, led by a former VP of Sales and proven business development practitioner. We specialize in booking new business meetings.

The App

Our playbook:
It is the perfect composition of experience, process, and technology.


Over 70 customers served

To date, we have served over 70 customers. All of which sold products and services with high contract values and complex sales processes. We understand that new business meetings are the lifeblood to your sales pipeline and forecast predictability.  



Customized Tech Stack 

  • Includes:

  • Up to 4 Custom Domains

  • Up to 8 Email Sending Accounts

  • Custom email copy

  • Verified email Data

  • Up to 5,000 verified contacts per month (includes email and mobile)

  • Utilizing the best tech stack in outbound:,,, PhoneBurner, and more

  • Weekly reporting provided

  • Real-time access to campaign performance 

  • CRM integration available for HubSpot and Salesforce

  • Immediate routing and booking of meetings

Guaranteed Outbound Dials

  • Includes:

  • Minimum 1000 outbound dials per week

  • Calling enriched mobile numbers

  • Calls made via a centralized system

  • Custom call disposition tracking

  • Call data derived from campaign intent data and verified mobile numbers

  • Immediate routing and booking of meetings

  • Weekly reporting

$4495/mo + $800 per meeting

About Us

Our History

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Story Time......


In 2019, I came up with the idea of SalesGevity. Initially, I wanted to build a coaching app, similar to Teledoc but for salespeople. In 2020 the world and business were altered and the 40 paid users I had in February were all gone in March. I decided to go into sales advisory for early-stage start-ups, which quickly became a three-client business. Those same clients asked me if I knew of any outsourced business development firms and without hesitation I said I would be their BDR. The rest is history. 

Since 2020 SalesGevity has served over 50 companies of all shapes and sizes. I am grateful for the people we have served, and the lessons I've learned, and look forward to SalesGevity's future. It's truly bright.

Ryan Lallier - CEO & Founder




“We've outsourced before but frankly speaking it was a miserable experience. Ryan's team is top-notch and restored my faith in outsourcing business development.”

VP, Demand Generation, Fintech Start-up

“Working with the team at SalesGevity was surprisingly more unified than when we had our own internal BD team. Also much less expensive”

Chief Revenue Officer, Cyber Security Company

“Our initial reluctance with using an outsourced BD team stemmed from the vendor not being familiar with our industry. The team at SalesGevity was up to speed in two weeks and booked 6 meetings in the first 30 days. Our deal size is $100k so this was huge for us”

Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Device Company

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